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Responsible forest management
  Operation and development

CAFECO SA logging is performed in accordance with national legislation of Cameroon and the principles of responsible forest management.

Each concession awarded to CAFECO SA or to its partners has a Development Plan, approved by the Administration, which regulates all activities related to forestry logging, in the framework of national regulation.

The operating activity is summarized by the following steps:

  1. Materialization on the ground of the boundaries of the concession and the annual trim cut,
  2. Operating inventory,
  3. Selection of harvestable trees,
  4. Felling, topping of harvestable trees,
  5. Skidding and hauling of logs,
  6. Preparation and marking of logs,
  7. Transportation of logs by logging trucks.
The Reduced Impact Logging is systematically applied and Intervention standards in forest areas (NIMF) are met.

The operating inventory is carried out taking into account the capacity of forest regeneration, its socio-economic value for local people as well as its ecological potential in terms of species (fauna / flora) rare, endemic or threatened.

For CAFECO SA, "The development or responsible management " means, in its concepts, both a search for a sustained yield of timber, that is to say, maintain the capacity of the forest to produce volumes equivalent of wood in the future, and the search for sustainability of other forest functions ( ecological and social).

See public summary of management plans of the 4 FMUs.


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